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This dumbbell exercise can make you sexy double! Lead: recommend a dumbbell exercise, fitness, make you sexy double! (source: ETUDE fashion network) what are the benefits of fitness? Look at the photos have hematic! Why are more and more girls in the gym? Because fitness not only allows you to have a hot body, the main thing is that this body is not easy to fear. Because of their relatively high proportion of muscle, the consumption of energy is more, even if not exercise, sitting lying more energy than you consume. Does it make you a muscle girl? Don’t be silly, you can’t do it. Fat girls itself more than men, for you, will only make you iron bench press shaping, tight muscles. You look at the gym out of the network of red goddess, who is King Kong Bobbi? Most of the body is like a hot! Do you have to go to the gym? Can also reduce fat at home, in the fat in the body shape curve. All you need is a pair of dumbbell! So play dumbbells, you can also become hot! Each exercise 8-12 times, each time 1 minutes, the practice of the 3 groups, each week to practice 3-4 times, body fat weight is too high, but also add some aerobic exercise. Adhere to the effect ah! Don’t have no body can be continued to practise perfectly!相关的主题文章:

See how Audi and Wei LED production line opened the FAW – Volkswagen factory – Sohu automobile truth

See how Audi and Wei LED production line opened the FAW – Volkswagen factory – Sohu automobile automobile Sohu [truth] recently truth laboratory FAW Volkswagen car frequently introduced, following a new generation of MAGOTAN listing, and launched the blue collar, today the truth will enter the new MAGOTAN and uncle Wei LED production base, located in the Changchun FAW mass production line two car factory, Volkswagen and Audi research on product line is how to produce? At present, FAW – Volkswagen, Changchun Foshan and Chengdu three factories, and two factories in Tianjin and Qingdao are preparing to build, three existing plants are responsible for the production of different models, the truth came to the factory Changchun uncle today is the FAW – Volkswagen headquarters, is also one of the earliest production base, and three factories one of the largest, it bears the most important production of FAW Volkswagen models, including Audi Q5, Audi A6L, MAGOTAN core models. And the truth is today mainly visit uncle car factory two, responsible for the production of Audi Q3, the new MAGOTAN, CC and blue collar. In the two car factory, Audi and Volkswagen models to see the truth of tertiary is the production line, which give VW and Audi car production level. In the process of car production, mainly through stamping, welding, painting and assembly of four process, we first visited the whole stamping workshop, steel and aluminum stamping is provided by the supplier will carefully smelting, the FAW – Volkswagen factory 6 stamping process: drawing, trimming, punching, flanging, plastic and detection, frame structure and eventually made the main body frame. Two car stamping workshop plant has 115 employees, but the Tertiary in the workshop did not see how many workers, workers only see in front of the computer and the final detection zone, and more employees in the office, this is because the workshop uses more intelligent production completely by machine manufacturing arm. But people just monitor the operation of the machine, we see that the FAW – Volkswagen used Miller Weingarten stamping machines, robots and other advanced equipment KUKA. We can see from the video, the entire production is in a closed environment, through continuous handling robot arm, sent to the press different zones, the completion of the final through the 6 processes mentioned above, the robot arm running speed is very fast, every minute of the 13 products in the production, and from the gate 6 after it is from a plate to the whole process of products, efficient production of robots to let people admire. From the stamping workshop, production of the main frame of the vehicle will come to the welding workshop for welding, the final formation of the main frame structure of the vehicle body in white is said in the industry. In the welding workshop, the truth is a lot of TERT also saw machine arm in the work, workers rarely see, here is widely used in cutting-edge technology, including: laser welding, MAG welding, MIG welding, TOX punching, laser welding is the FAW – Volkswagen first in the industry for large-scale applications, this technology will lead the industry as a whole the progress of the manufacturing technology. From the process diagram, we can.相关的主题文章:

Confinement center rating to emphasize professional security outstanding breastfeeding – Beijing winfast

Confinement center rating: to emphasize professional security outstanding breastfeeding – Beijing experts to conduct on-site assessment of nursing staff in the maternal and child care hospital. In Beijing this year is expected to 300 thousand, there will be more women choose to postpartum rehabilitation institutions "confinement". In the background of "comprehensive two children", "confinement center" is not what fresh words. At present, the number of domestic confinement center has exceeded 3000, and is still growing at a faster rate. However, due to the lack of access system, supervision mechanism, and the operation of the corresponding standard and standard of review, the entire industry present situation of uneven in quality. Able to have a unified standard, the mother and child rehabilitation agencies to become the voice of the industry. 2015, postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation agency industry management and service guide issued, postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation agencies grading review implementation plan will also be introduced. At present, there are 8 confinement center made participating application to the association of maternal and child health Chinese. The first batch of the rating of the confinement center is expected to produce at the beginning of next year. A review, divided into classes, which will bring change to the center of the month? Why review? Confinement center is not included in the Department of health supervision "plastic bag baby swimming pool set is from where to buy? Can not be traced back to the source?" "You have 21 pregnant women, why only 15 food samples?" "Baby brush towel to deal with, how?" A series of sharp questions, the opening of the national maternal and child rehabilitation after the birth of the assessment of the prelude. On the weekend, from Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian and other places of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts to new mothers maternal and child care hospital near the northern city of Victoria review. This confinement center was founded in 16 years, the first time in the China Association of maternal and Child Health Organization accreditation, which also is the first to accept the assessment of the confinement center. Here, the judge examines a maternity room. The conversation between experts by surprise to press the alarm, and looked down at his watch on the second hand. A few seconds later, the microphone came to the nurse’s response, the experts were satisfied nodded. At present, the domestic postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation institutions are all rely on self-discipline, in the management and specialization of varying degrees. As a result, there will be a great risk in maternal and child safety, so the need to manage." Maternal postpartum rehabilitation and Management Committee China maternal and Child Health Association, Fudan University affiliated obstetrics and gynecology hospital director Wang Hong introduced a maternal body organs returned to the prenatal state is 8 weeks, in the "confinement" of 28 days to 30 days, also entered the newborn infant, so this time for mother and child are very important. However, due to lack of supervision, confinement center chaos uneven in quality. President of the association of maternal and child health Chinese president elect Chen Ziquan pointed out that the current confinement center is not incorporated into the Department of health supervision system, registered are registered in the business sector. "Some confinement center called" the month club ", the name of neither fish nor fowl. The club is entertainment, and the confinement center is strictly rehabilitation nursing institutions." He called on the relevant departments of the post natal maternal and child rehabilitation agencies相关的主题文章:

Interesting old wisdom to teach you to see the old car driver warm men – Sohu pt100分度表???

A small taste of great wisdom old driver to teach you to see the car general warm male car Sohu often refers to the scent of a woman, a woman’s temperament, accomplishment, personality or mood can be identified from one or two of her perfume. In the same way, in the car more and more into people’s lives of the times, for the natural strong mechanistic plot of the men, their car becomes an excellent tool for men reflects the values of life and personal temperament. A man drove what kind of car is not only a reflection of his material life time or not, is actually into his spiritual world is an important key. Blue collar, special warm male temperament travel car see the hidden man of knowledge interpretation of life with the most common password car, although now on the market "sports car" I think can emerge in an endless stream, from a consumer perspective, the core function of car car is not within the core change: the overall level of fine the rigorous style of comfort, especially in the back of the ultimate pursuit of comfort still showed business gene inside, the core connotation of the pursuit of success and status in the fundamental and the heritage of the Millennium chair does not have what change, like men’s suits, although rigorous decent, delicacy, but it is the lack of a little taste. The current popular SUV is another extreme, hide wild people long-term difficulties in urban life, to return to the liberation of personality of one of the most direct call. The loading pull goods for two "MPV, is really a big carnival is out and out of the pragmatist. Mercedes Benz C class car travel, looks good but amazing prices from men in life especially the role in the family, too strict is somewhat dull and boring, too unruly seems somewhat insensitive to others, nothing is an ideal boyfriend, husband or father most attractive the quality of. This author has also been quite tangled, not long ago, FAW Volkswagen released a new C-TREK blue collar crossover wagon, seems to let me see the current return so scarce a warm man. Large space, function and flexible development, give up in the workplace and rigorous bound, nor pure personal heroism wild release, and more relaxed time, get together with family and friends, seems to have a boyfriend, as a husband and father of the shadow of the ideal. With ease is not far away from the models of official data, C-TREK blue collar is the biggest characteristic of large body space. As a platform for a cross class travel car, Wei collar body and wheelbase is longer, the size of the trunk is a substantial increase, showing the fundamental characteristics as a wagon. Compared with city multifunctional hatchback golf · Scarlett trip, through better and significantly longer body, the family time becomes less cramped, more comfortable. BMW new 3 Series wagon, performance and price of a high degree of Wei Wei of this product features, the calibration of the unique properties of the car, in simple terms,.相关的主题文章:

After admission, lack of beds is a kind of admissions chaos – Sohu comments sexinse

After admission, lack of beds is a kind of admissions chaos – Sohu comments recently, sources said, Guangxi business school students because of lack of beds and can not sign up for school. Some students said that the school had asked him to pay the positioning fee, or may not be admitted. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Education Department said it is currently handling the matter, will be given a solution. The evening of August 23rd, Guangxi business school party secretary Liu Hongjun said that the Ritchie part of office space for the dormitory. Beijing News (August 24th) in response to the school said, issued more than 2 thousand notices to more than 1 thousand people, only 900 beds, it can not take into account all students. For this reason, the school admissions office issued a message, by paying the positioning fee to ensure that students can be admitted, the quota is limited, first pay first. In this view, the school’s enrollment disorder, according to the actual and the rules. "Fee" not only let students and parents confused, also let the occupation education: some occupation school admissions chaos watch. Guangxi business school is a secondary education occupation education school enrollment qualifications, on the basis of "ordinary high school, secondary school enrollment plan management Interim Measures" provisions, the enrollment plan occupation school should be combined with the actual teaching and living conditions, and then determine the enrollment, and then determined by the education department for examination and approval, can not be arbitrarily change your enrollment plan. The school regardless of the truth, enrollment exceeded capacity, apparently illegal. As for the collection of "positioning fee" behavior, contrary to regulations and "prohibited in the freshmen admission before the violation of any fees for the students". It will be said that the notice has been the norm of vocational school enrollment, based on the reality of the plight of vocational education, in order to ensure enrollment, you can understand. However, the "multi" does not mean that the "free"". School admissions for negligence, independent recruitment system and the system Its loopholes appeared one after another., is the essence of the problem. Admissions process does not confirm each other, so that students and schools in a state of inequality. The Department of education supervision oversight on enrollment occupation school, also contributed to the admissions chaos. It can be said that the school because of "insufficient beds" can not let some students admitted to school already has a special reason, a "positioning fee" is the last ditch. But the accident and must not be a cover for vocational school admissions ills, there is no such, there will be other "accident" and "no"". Some occupation schools need to recognize the reality of warning, to take their own admissions system and system operation, get rid of real defects, or left helpless, can only continue to discredit the occupation education.相关的主题文章:

Shaanxi nearly 600 girls were sent to stand on duty, vice president and other people to write checks oboni

Shaanxi nearly 600 girls were standing vice president and other duty continued: 4 people to write checks the original title: Vice President of Duty 4 people write checks China Baoji daily news (reporter Ding Yu) yesterday, the China Daily reported the A09 version of the Qishan County high school dormitory Yidian is still a student in the high noisy, the whole building nearly 600 students were left standing after a Qishan County Education Sports Bureau immediately set up a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation and verification, and the responsible people to deal with. Qishan County Education Sports Bureau investigators said, by viewing the night surveillance video, when the teacher asked 3 things, and written statements were randomly selected from three grade 12 students, learned that the investigation, due to the recent boarding girls do not rest on time, noisy and dormitory health is poor, on the evening of September 20th at 9:50 in the night after the self-study, apartment building teacher of all girls (total of 509) to front apartment unified discipline education and housekeeping training, 54 minutes from the students return to dormitory downstairs to the whole process. According to the investigation of the facts, Qishan County Education Sports Bureau of senior vice president of leadership on duty that night Yi Dian Tang and 3 dorm staff were severely criticized, and ordered to make a written examination. The investigators said, this reflects the education sector in the student management work, there are some deficiencies and loopholes. The future will take this as a warning, to further strengthen the moral education, to strengthen the management of boarding students, take a scientific way in the future work, seriously listen to the students and parents good opinions and suggestions, criticism and accept the supervision of the community, achieve scientific management, humanistic management. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章:

Zhejiang two liar duet selling fake jade local man cheated 18000 yuan in Beijing unfccc

Zhejiang two liar duet selling fake jade local man cheated 18000 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, October 23 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Zhang Hua) 23, reporters from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Fuyang District Public Security Bureau was informed that the day before, local with unusual fraud: in Fuyang City, a liar to collaborate with each other to sell fake jade, a man pretending to recover a man pretending to sell jade, jade, two people through the fictional facts that sell jade to jade expensive, because of the urgent need of money is a low price sold, which makes the victim believe and buy 18000 yuan. Now the case is being further processed. The police comrades, I was cheated 18000 yuan! Help me quickly!" 17 afternoon, Fuyang District Public Security Bureau in the west of the city police station duty room, a middle-aged man excitedly to tell the police themselves cheated after. On the afternoon of Wu walking in the streets of Fuyang, in the vicinity of RT Mart a man put a lay acquisition of antique crafts. There is a woman squatting in the stall before bargaining. Soon, two people to the price of 1500 yuan traded a jade. Booth selling jade woman also has 2 pieces of jade, but also want to buy over, but the price did not talk about the moment. Sell jade woman turned to go, the owner looked anxious, and he took out his mobile phone to call his wife: "you quickly get over 30 thousand yuan, there are 2 pieces of jade, a minimum value of 200 thousand yuan, can not be missed." Sell jade woman said his home in a hurry to hurry, stall rushed, called his wife and give money to slow delayed opportunities, side called Wu, Wu to help sell jade woman back. Enthusiastic Wu promised to help sell jade woman was found in the distance, and she will be back to the stall boundary. The woman said she was selling jade in an accident in urgent need of money, you can sell the price to 19000 yuan, but can get money immediately. The owner said difficult at the same time, consulted with Wu, he let the old Wu first to help buy the 2 piece of jade, then to 30 thousand yuan from the hands of Wu recovery. Wu heart together, your hands can earn more than 10 thousand dollars, a big thing, immediately agreed to the deal. Wu and sell jade woman to teller machine withdrawals found only 18000 yuan of money, sell jade woman difficult at the same time, agreed transaction, Wu also successfully bought the baby ". But when Wu took the time to find the "baby" sold, the owner has not disappeared. When Wu realized cheated, immediately to the police station to the east of the city. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately carry out investigation work. The police found in the retrieval of surveillance video, sell jade woman to the bank teller in Wu and post stall boss quickly evacuated. The police found surveillance along track, and finally sold jade woman unexpectedly and stall confluence together. After further tracking, the police quickly found the two ends and fled when driving a car. On the same day at 7 pm, police arrested the two suspects arrested, and seized a large number of poor jade and the case for money. Upon review, the two suspects confessed to the crime. Now two)相关的主题文章: